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How To Activate Xfinity – Steps To Activate

How To Activate Xfinity through

You’re ready to activate Xfinity Internet and Voice services. Great. Quick reminder, you must activate XFINITY INTERNET first before connecting your other xfinity services. If you’re renting an xfinity gateway, download the x fi mobile app, it’ll guide you through all the steps needed to get online fast. Login with your xfinity username and password or you can create this if you don’t have one yet. The app provides simple on screen steps to complete your install and activation. You can even manage your home network. If you’re using your own modem or gateway, the step will be a little different. First, find a centrally located cable outlet in your home for your device, plug it in. Always make sure the connections are finger tight.

If you have XFINITY VOICE service, connect your phone to your modem or gateway, like this.  Now wait for your modem or gateway to be fully powered up and ready. This may take up to 10 minutes. Now you need to activate your service. First, find the network name, sometimes called SS ID and password or key listed on your modem or gateway wireless connect to this network name, using the provided password, with a computer or smartphone or you can connect a computer to the modem or gateway using an Ethernet cable instead. Once you’re connected, open a web browser and go to Now just follow the easy on screen prompts to activate. You may be asked to change your Wi-Fi name and password. And if you have a voice service. This will automatically be activated with your internet. Once you’re up and running, be sure to connect all your personal devices using your Wi Fi name and password. You’re done.

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