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Although Norton Software is very reliable, users can ask questions about their products before and after purchase. To help users get quick answers, Norton offers four different support options, including chat, email, telephone, and forums. Each option offers its own benefits and provides different ways for the user to get answers without difficulty.

In most cases, Norton first recommends using chat or forum options. There are answers to many questions on fast chat services for forums and chat clients. All Norton support options can be used for installation, removal, troubleshooting, ordering and other related questions.

Start chat
For the fastest response, start a chat session with the Norton Customer Service Representative. Live chat feature instantly opens an instant messenger-style window. The user does one work with the representative until the problem is resolved.

One of the main advantages of using chat is the ability to view software while chatting. If users try to solve a problem, they can leave the chat window open while testing suggestions from the delegates.

Another advantage is being able to save all the chat tape. No matter what the user questions, they always keep them in a note. It includes information from the representatives so that they can easily refer to the person again in the future if they need to contact Norton for future support.

Contact them
Some users still like to talk to Norton representatives. Norton Telephone support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The only downside of this option is slower than the chat. The waiting time can be anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour during a busy time. The Norton website always lists the current wait time.

Along with chat, telephone support allows users to test solutions by representatives during a later interaction. This allows customers to get the answers quickly rather than sending many messages. Calls are completely free.

Ask other users
Several common questions and problems have been answered in the Norton forum. This is where other users gather to ask questions and answer questions. Not only standard users on the forums, on the other hand, but Norton also has specialist users in the forum at any time to provide support.

Although immediate support has been advertised, some questions can not be answered for several hours. Unless expert support is provided, some solutions can not really work for someone’s needs. However, this method allows users to share information with others, so there are always records for all future users. This prevents some burden on other support methods.

Start your Norton Support Session on Social Media
Even if you are not getting direct support through social media, you can start a support session by asking questions on Twitter or Facebook. Norton officially supports social media addresses:

Norton Support @ Twitter
Norton support on Facebook

Which use?
For direct answers, the chat is the best Norton support option. For the next fastest support, the telephone is the best, followed by social media. Forums can be the slowest way, but they can provide excellent support for any user.

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