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How to Convert a PSD to WordPress Template?

The most important consideration when converting a PSD to WordPress template is the choice of how to approach the project. A good PSD to WordPress conversion will generally require some work on the part of the designer, in addition to the PSD software that you choose to use. However, there are several things you can do that will make the process easier, faster, and more effective.

Do a bit of research before you start the PSD to WordPress conversion process. Do some research to see what sorts of programs you already have installed on your computer that could be useful for the conversion. Many programs already come with the features you need to convert PSD files to WordPress. If you don’t have one of these programs, consider using a PSD to WordPress conversion tool such as Photoshop Sketchbook Pro.

Create a PSD to WordPress template using Photoshop Sketchbook Pro. Before you do this, you should select a pre-designed PSD file to use. You should look for a file that does not have any unnecessary images or content, such as images of the product or an image of a user with their computer on display. The template should also be clear and precise, without any distractions to add to the design.

Once you have chosen a PSD to WordPress template, you will need to convert it. Start the conversion by going to File > Convert to PSD and clicking the green Convert button. This opens a dialogue box that has options to let you control the PSD to WordPress conversion, but most people will select to Create a new PSD from scratch. You will then be presented with the dialogue box shown below.

Select the Layer menu at the top left and click Add Sublayer. This will allow you to add a new layer to your PSD file. Next, highlight the layer and click Clear Selection, leaving the existing layer visible.

Finally, click OK to apply the changes and create a new layer. Your PSD to WordPress conversion is now complete. There are various methods for achieving the best PSD to WordPress conversion, but the method you choose will depend upon what you are trying to achieve and your skills as a designer.

So, what is the best way to do a PSD to WordPress conversion? There are many free, basic programs on the Internet that can be used to convert a PSD file to WordPress. By using such programs, you will be able to build a simple, flexible design that is suited to a WordPress theme.

But what if you want to go beyond a basic PSD to WordPress template? Then you will need to use professional programs to help you convert a PSD to WordPress template, such as Photoshop Sketchbook Pro.


There’s no doubt that PSD to WordPress is one the best way to design and develop and perfect, beautiful, and user-friendly site. This article covers all the aspects that will help you convert PSD to WordPress template. I hope you enjoy the article.

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