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How to Activate PBS on Roku through

Activate PBS on your Roku devices can be activated on your Roku device. This non-profit organization offers broadcasting services for public TV channels in the United States of America. The service offers numerous award-winning documentaries and dramas as well as children’s shows. Some of the most popular ones can include Mister Roger’s neighborhood, Front-line, Sesame Street and many more.

Steps to activate on your Roku Device

  1. Click and open the PBS application from the channel store of Roku
  2. You will be redirected to a web-page that will display the option ‘Activate Your Roku’. You can find an activation code there just below the above-mentioned option
  3. Visit on your personal computer and key in the activation code. The screen will refresh automatically
  4. Use any of the internet browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome to visit the link
  5. Click the ‘Next’ to continue

How to sign in to PBS org activate

  1. Users will be prompted to log into PBS application
  2. They can use Facebook or Google account credentials to do it
  3. The following options will appear on the PBS activation video screen
  • Signing in with your Email address
  • Login in with your Facebook account
  • Signing with your Google+ credentials
  • Creating a New Account
  1. The last option will help you create a new PBS account if you don’t have one

Creating an account on PBS

  1. Users can use their PBS accounts to log into the PBS websites or video application to do
  2. In order to take advantage of the Passport benefits, you need an account on PBS
  3. You will be able to access various features and your profile on PBS
  4. Once you are on the Create Account page, you should enter all the details such as your name, email address and password (Make sure you choose a strong password and to memorize the same for future login purpose)
  5. Register for the account and stay logged in continuously

What to do is the Activation code for PBS expires?

  1. You need PBS activation code in order to do
  2. Roku device activation has to be done prior to everything
  3. Need to clarify something about activating PBS? You can click the channel to find if it is ready to be launched
  4. In case of incomplete activation, your Roku device will prompt you to do the PBS activation from the beginning

PBS org activate Passport

Eligible users who subscribe for PBS channels with a donation will get access to additional content like on=demand library

They will get popular programs and signature series

Moreover, they can view most-admired content and other programs about lifestyle, documentaries and history

Qualified users can take advantage of the benefits through Passport membership


In order to activate PBS passport on your Roku device, Go to settings on the PBS application and deactivate the device under the option “Deactivate Device”

After that, click the Activate option to get the screen with activation code and instructions

Now, visit and enter the PBS activation code